Table of Contents .pdf 0.2mb
Introduction .pdf 0.4mb
Land Use .pdf 1.5mb
Zoning Map 2002 .pdf 3.0mb
General Plan Map 2002 .pdf 1.8mb
Circulation .pdf 0.5mb
Noise .pdf 1.0mb
Community Design .pdf 0.9mb
Natural Environment .pdf 0.7mb
Safety .pdf 0.6mb
Economic Development .pdf 0.2mb
References and Sources .pdf 0.1mb
App A Hillside Development .pdf 1.3mb
App B Water Quality Report .pdf 0.1mb
App C Offsetting Mitigations .pdf 0.2mb
App D Best Mitigations .pdf 0.2mb
App E Wastewater Inflow .pdf 0.1mb
App F Previous Sewer Studies .pdf 0.1mb
Initial Study .pdf 0.3mb
2013-2021 Housing Element .pdf 2.3mb
Housing Element Negative Declaration .pdf 1.6mb
General Plan Composite .pdf 27.1mb

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