Skate Park

The Colfax Skate Park is a planned development beginning construction in 2023.

The park development has been discussed for several decades and now has a site, seed funding, and engineered plans.

Colfax City Council approved the Colfax Skate Park in March of 2021 to proceed with plans on the lot directly adjacent to the Lion’s Splash Park located on Parkhill Drive in Colfax.

Plans for the park’s design started with community input from youth and adults, spearheaded by Ty Conners of the Placer County Sheriff’s office.

The skate park design accommodates skateboards, scooters, and BMX bikes providing a great source of healthy, outdoor activity for a wide range of age groups.

Funding includes the City of Colfax, Placer County, and community contributions. The City of Colfax has secured a $175K Community Development Grant, Placer County Parks and Recreation has allocated $75K and the Colfax Green Machine’s community fundraising efforts have raised over $100K. The Colfax Skatepark is also grateful for many in-kind donations, including Teichert, Robinson’s Paving and Gravel, Triton Construction Services, Diamond Pacific, and Hills Flat Lumber Co.

The Colfax Skate Park seeks more in-kind donations and cash contributions.

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For more information contact Ty Conners,