Hazardous Vegetation Abatement and Establishment of Defensible Space

On March 11th, 2020 the City of Colfax adopted Ordinance No. 541
Adding Municipal Code Chapter 8.32 Requiring Hazardous Vegetation Abatement and Establishment of Defensible Space Regulations

Effective January 1, 2021

Structure Defense 2a

What is Defensible Space?

Defensible Space is an area surrounding a structure that when properly created and maintained, provides that structure enough distance from the burning vegetation and or other material that under average weather conditions would be unlikely to ignite the structure.

Fire Fighters will not Engage a Structure that has ignited and does not have Defensible Space! The resource is better used on Structures that have Defensible Space and more Importantly for the concern of the Fire Fighter’s Safety!

What is Hazardous Vegetation?

Hazardous Vegetation is vegetation that is flammable and endangers the public safety by creating a fire hazard including, but not limited to seasonal and recurrent weeds, stubble, brush, downed limbs, low hanging branches, dry leaves, pine needles and tumble weeds.

Hazardous Vegetation must be dealt with Annually.

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