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Human Resources

Job Openings

Attorney Services

The City of Colfax invites interested legal firms and/or individuals to submit proposals for City Attorney Services as described in the scope of work set forth in this request for proposals (RFP).

Responses Must Be Received by: 5pm – July 10, 2024

City Attorney RFP

Finance Director

The City of Colfax issues this request for proposal (RFP) for a Finance Director. The City desires to hire a consulting firm to serve as the Finance Director for up to 16 hours per week as the workload requires.

Responses Must Be Received by: 5pm – July 15, 2024

City of Colfax RFP - Finance Director 6-6-2024

Inspection & Building Senior Official Services

The City of Colfax, through this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) seeks a qualified consultant to provide Senior Building Official, plan check, and building inspection services.

Responses Must Be Received by: 5pm – July 15, 2024

City of Colfax RFP for sr bldg official plan check and inspection services

Employment Related Documents


210623 MOU Final

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Benefits Package

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City of Colfax Policies 2019-02

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Employee Handbook

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Employment Application

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MOU Stationary Engineers

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Volunteer Waiver

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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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