City Council

The City Council for the City of Colfax consists of five Council members: , Sean Lomen, Kim A. Douglass, Larry Hillberg, Caroline McCully and Trinity Burruss.  The Council as a group provide policy direction to the City Manager.  The Council adopts ordinances and resolutions to direct the business of the City.  The Council is also responsible for approving budgets for City operations, approving major projects, and providing guidance for actions which affect the quality of life in the City.  The Council authorizes contracts with businesses and engages in cooperative activities with other government agencies.  In addition to working together as a council, each council member serves on additional boards or ad hoc committees.

The City Council is elected to staggered four-year terms.  There is an election each November of even numbered years with either two or three seats up for election.  In December of each year, the Council selects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from among its members to serve a one-year term.  The Mayor presides over the Council meetings, assigns Council committees and approves agenda items.

Council welcomes input from citizens on any matter of community interest that is within the Council’s authority, in writing, by phone, or at any council meeting.  To submit inquiries or comments for the entire City Council contact the office of the City Clerk: 530-346-2313

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, 33 S. Main Street.  The public is invited to attend all Council meetings.  Meetings are broadcast on ZOOM and Facebook Live on the City's page at City of Colfax California for citizens who are unable to attend meetings in person.

The City of Colfax adheres to the standards of transparency and open government policy.  To that end the Agency Report of Public Official Appointments: Form 806 is posted here.  Also the following officials have a form 700 on file with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC):

  • Sean Lomen
  • Kim A. Douglass
  • Larry Hillberg
  • Caroline McCully
  • Trinity Burruss
  • City Manager, Ron Walker
  • City Attorney, Alfred Cabral
  • City Treasurer, Tim Ryan

Statement of economic interests FPPC Form 700 for City staff who are required to file under the City Conflict of Interest Code are on file in the Office of the City Clerk.

The City of Colfax adheres to the principles of Government Code Section 54950, et seq., known as the “Brown Act,” which contains open meeting laws for local boards and commissions. The City also follows the laws set forth in the Public Records Act.