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Streets & Roads

The City of Colfax has limited funds for street and road maintenance and improvements. The City public works crews work hard to keep storm drains clear and stretch the funds as much as feasible to repair street surfaces. Currently several projects are pending funding resources from grants and State and Federal funding sources which the Community Services Department has actively sought in order to leverage City allotments and funding.

City Council has adopted several documents which are used by the Community Services Department to prioritize and develop projects as funding becomes available:

To ensure public safety and proper use of City infrastructure the following permits are required for projects within City limits:

  • Encroachment Permit – required for any projects impacting City roads or rights-of-way. For more information see the Municipal Code Chapter 15.12.
  • Grading Permit – any land excavation or filling, including removal or plowing under of burial of vegetation is regulated by the Municipal Code Chapter 15.30. Please contact the City if you plan to move any dirt within your property for a determination by the City Engineer if your project requires a permit. No grading is allowed between October 15 and April 15 without special permissions/conditions from staff. Call City Hall, 530-346-2313 or email .
  • Transportation Permit – required for any travel on City streets for any load that requires a Cal-Trans and/or Placer County transportation permit must obtain a City permit. For more information see the Municipal Code Chapter 10.20
  • Adopt a Road Program – An opportunity to enhance City streetscapes.
  • Complaint Form – Contact the Community Services Director to report a problem with streets or park facilities: