Caroline McCully, Councilmember

Caroline McCully, Councilmember

Name: Caroline McCully

Councilmember McCully relocated to Colfax in 2015, alongside her husband and firstborn son. Just two days later their second son was born in their new home. The McCully family chose to make the community of Colfax their home, as it elicited fond memories of their childhood. Memories of roaming their childhood streets with the confidence of safety and that there was always a neighbor with a watchful eye, ready to speak up or give a shout to mom and dad if needed.

While McCully’s professional history includes both restaurant and facility management, and many successful years of personal sales, she has been a stay-at-home mom for more than a decade. Being a stay-at-home mom has enabled the opportunity to homeschool her now three children, support her husband’s railroad career, raise and grow much of their food on their table, and still have the availability to be an active part of a community they have come to love.

Giving back to the community is a passion of hers, that she fulfills by being a leading volunteer for The Food Bank of Nevada County distribution centers, feeding those in need. Her passion being for families who are working hard to make ends meet. McCully also has a passion for sharing community events, information and happenings via the local social media communities. She believes keeping people informed of what is happening is key to a successful community.

McCully’s active community participation has helped her recognize the opportunity to aid in developing a diverse and robust City Council. This is why she turned her eye to the City Council. As a Councilmember, she wishes to serve the community of Colfax by focusing on the needs of the community’s growth, honoring and protecting Colfax’s history and hometown comfort, while balancing it within the city’s financial and legal means.