Notice of Public Hearing – Zoning Code Update

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Public Hearing will be held on September 27, 2023, beginning at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at Colfax City Hall, City Council Chambers, 33 S. Main Street, Colfax, California at which the City Council will consider adopting an ordinance revising Title 17 – Zoning of the Colfax Municipal Code (“CMC”) to comply with State law for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and density bonuses, update the zoning code to reflect changes to the General Plan, and clean up the code by adding clarity to the development standards, removing redundant or obsolete code sections and correcting typographical errors. Copies of the proposed ordinance may be inspected or obtained from the City Clerk at 33 South Main Street, Colfax, California. The City Council will consider adopting that ordinance at its subsequent regular meeting scheduled for October 11, 2023.

Ordinance Summary

The proposed ordinance, if passed, will amend Title 17 – Zoning of the CMC as follows: Chapter 17.12 to remove terms defined but not used and add definitions for certain terms used but not defined; amend Chapter 17.16 to remove the Agricultural zone and add Mixed Use -1 and Mixed Use – 2 zones; in Chapter 17.32 clarify the design review permit requirements and correct the review authority for legislative decisions; in Chapter 17.36 correct an internal reference; in Chapter 17.40 clarify a historic district design review finding, remove redundancy from a sign permit finding, and make the term of approval of Planned Development Permits  consistent with other planning approvals; in Chapter 17.64 remove the redundant listing of use classifications, remove agricultural use types, and add ADUs and remove second dwelling units from the residential use types; in Chapter 17.68 change the name of the Special Public Service District to Civic District and remove Agricultural zone uses and development standards; in Chapter 17.72 expand the purpose of the multi-family residence district to include ownership units and detached and attached units in addition to apartments, amend the chart of residential uses to remove agricultural uses, remove two-family dwellings, add ADUs, add junior ADUs, and add supportive and transitional housing and clarify the R-M-1 and R-M-2 parcel size, density, and development standards; add a new Chapter 17.74 establishing the purpose, permitted uses, and development standards for Mixed Use-1 and Mixed Use-2 zoning districts; in Chapter 17.76 amend the chart of commercial uses in the Commercial Highway (C-H) and Commercial Retail (C-R) zones to permit ADUs, lodging (hotels and motels), and funeral and internment services, require a conditional use permit (CUP) for self-service storage facilities in the C-H district and  prohibit them in the C-R district, allow storage facilities for recreational and large vehicles subject to a CUP in the C-H district and remove the CUP requirement for secondary day care centers, correct an omission in the rear yard setback for the C-R district; in Chapter 17.80 amend the chart of industrial uses to remove agricultural uses, require a CUP for self-service storage facilities, add storage facilities for recreational and large vehicles subject to a CUP, and add impound yards subject to a CUP; revise Chapter 17.104 to reflect changes to state law for density bonuses, to reference the state density bonus law for terms defined, and for the calculation of bonuses, incentives, and concessions, and to replace the requirement for a financial pro forma with other reasonable documentation to establish eligibility for a density bonus; in Chapter 17.108 add parking requirements for ADUs and transitional and supportive housing; and in Chapter 17.196 replace second unit development standards with ADU development standards consistent with the requirements of state law

The proposed ordinance is intended to encourage development of accessory dwelling units, comply with state law, and streamline the development review process by clarifying the development review process and standards while reserving the city discretionary authority, consistent with requirements of state law.  

Dated this 12th day of September, 2023
Marguerite Bailey, City Clerk